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Facing project failures??
Its time to change your approach...

Intecons Blog, Published on April 7, 2017

Time is moving fast with fast deadlines on projects and a lot of pressure from clients and management. Whether you are working with an established organization or a start up. There are few key things that you should always remember if you are leading a TEAM.

1) Effective time management: You will have a long list of tasks. There are always 20% tasks that gives 80% returns. As a leader, it is very important for you to figure out the high valued tasks and low valued tasks. Always focus on tasks that gives high returns and include them in priority in your project plan as this always bring confidence in you, your team, client and management and as progress can be visualized.

2) Synchronize your work: Multiple teams work on a project at a time. It is very important that they remain connected with each other because it is common saying; “United we stand. Divided we fall”. So, work distribution should be in a way that combined efforts leads to a specific result. Individual team results will not matter much. Result will occur when they are combined and combination can be done when tasks are in synchronization.

3) Include a researcher: New technologies/approaches are arising on a daily basis. If team works with old approaches than that leads to excessive time and bad results. So, there should always be a researcher who can look for new approaches/suggestion to complete tasks faster and better.

4) Regular Team meeting and status check: Teams should know what other teams are doing and being a project owner you should always do a regular status check with team leaders. Also meetings are the BEST options where you can motivate team members by showcasing achievements of other employees.

5) Maintain transparency: It is very important to maintain transparency with your END clients. There are always situations where you fall beyond deadlines. In these scenarios a proper communication should be made with clients stating the reasons before deadlines, as to communicate regarding failures on the day when the results are expected can be very annoying and hampers your reputation . Its better to inform before with stated reasons so that client’s can also make adjustments related to their further plans/activities.

Hope this comparison will be helpful. If you do have more questions, please feel free to connect with us.