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Maintenance and Support

Complete assistance and support to nurture the product post delivery as well

Maintenance and Support Services

At Intecons we take care of client’s products as our own product and work with same dedication & efforts to maintain and enhance it in live environment. We understand market changes & need for new features. Our team works with full efficiency to continuously expand applications be it be web or mobile based to cope up with changing market trends.

We provide complete assistance to systems whether we developed it or developed by any other team. We offer several maintenance packages that includes services like site management, correcting existing issues, taking regular back ups, adding new features, managing users and other stuff as administrator and so on. We understand maintenance requires few hours of work per week in general and can be more in some unwanted situations or features add-ons. Based on the business requirements we offer several maintenance packages that gives discounted rates.

Solution Monitoring and Bug Fixes

In live environments with live users using the system in different way, the system sometimes shows weird behavior than normal working. We monitor system and database regularly to track if system not worked properly for certain scenarios or there is downtime of the application and so on. So, we identify issues and fix them to ensure for smooth working of the application.

Solution upgrades

A successful business is only one that updates with changing market trends to adapt user requirements. We not only implement asked new features but our R&D team also do due diligence to ensure the feature profitability, make competitor analysis and make suggestions to stay ahead in market.

Regular Server backups

There are several hacking scripts running that can ruin the complete system leading to biggest loss in business. We take regular backups of the application in order to ensure that the application can be re-instated in case of any mishappenings.

Server assistance and plan upgrades

We understand the user base of the application increases on a regular basis that leads to more server space, server speed and other features. We identify the needs and provide assistance with server and plans that suits to business needs.

SSL Installation

SSL installation is always needed to make the application secure in browsers and earn visitors confidence. We provide complete installation and re-installation of SSL certificates.

Looking for support services to maintain your products. LETS BEGIN!

Support Models

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