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Web Development Services

One stop web development company to serve businesses from start-ups to Enterprises

Custom programming experts for highly secure web applications.

If you have an idea for the next big thing to happen over the internet or you want a critical web based solution for the large database of your business, connect with us. At Intecons, We do not believe in delivering you just what you ask, instead, we make sure that the project inputs you are providing are in sync with the database design and system analysis of the project. Also, proactively make suggestions, which are good for your project.

Fully Functional Web Solutions

We create simple websites to complex SAAS/ERP/CRM/Management portals with custom programming to develop highly secure and scalable solutions. We take on the project development right from scratch and assist right from scope planning to final delivery. We take care of your idea on all aspects like determining solution architecture, database design, UI/UX, front end and back end coding etc. We are proficient in all mainstream web development languages and tools like PHP, ROR, .NET, Java and all its associated open sources/frameworks. At Intecons, we make technology suggestions to clients based on the business model, expected user base and other stuff.

We suggest for open sources and frameworks for simple websites and web apps; however if we talk about complex solutions with large databases or cloud architectures we suggest for custom solutions using core programming language instead of using frameworks and open sources. We believe custom solutions are more secure and flexible than frameworks as only the language experts have the skills to develop code in core technology. There are no shortcuts to the code and writing custom code make the solution developed through core technology less error prone and more secure. It is always easy to hack the sites being built through frameworks and open sources as coding structure is well known to everyone.

Apart from this we have main focus on solution usability and have a separate team of both business and technical analysts to determine the best features that makes highly usable and profitable solution. Whether you want “cutting edge”, or more conservative approach for your solution, we can take care of both. We develop responsive web apps with good fluidity that gives immense experience to users so that they can have a best look of the website irrespective of the platform may be its desktop, tablet or mobile phones.

How we work

Solution Architechture/Process Planning Solution Architechture/
Process Planning
Solution Design Solution Design
Solution Development Solution Development
Quality Assureance Quality Assureance
Deployment and Support Deployment and Support
Overall Management and Consulting Overall Management and Consulting
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Custom Applications

At Intecons, we live, eat and sleep with core programming. We have a team of full stack developers who writes own codes for much more complex needs and develop applications with large databases, cloud based, develop API’s to connect with third party systems and many more.

Enterprise Solutions

Be it an ERP or a CRM or a Marketing System Or a Statistical tool or management portals or anything else, we have not only the skills to develop it right from scratch but also support it to gain popularity in market and make continuous enhancements to it.

Ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce industry has gained tremendous popularity in past few years and now we can buy anytype of product online be it clothes, groceries, furniture, jewellery etc. We develop product customization tools as well that lets users to make their own customized products and then order them.

SAAS Solutions

Intecons masters in developing multi-tenant web applications that create subscriptions for users and let them use the system/product/services based on their plans and give them ability to customize it with their own branding materials and use it collectively with their team.

Third Party Integrations

We’ve integrated various types of third party API’s with our applications be it GDS systems, accounting systems, IDX integration, payment API’s, webRTC, SMS API’s, Amazon MWS API … many others. We can integrate any type of REST/XML/JSON API’s be it for any industry and concept.

Our Technical Stack

Our team is highly proficient in integrating any type of third party API’s whether it’s to receive data from API or sending data to API from the application.

Intecons create rich featured PHP applications either through custom codes or utilizing the features provided by following frameworks”

Intecons makes best use of open source features to develop industry specific solutions supported by them be it a business website, ecommerce platform, elearning platform or any other.

Intecons created several Enterprise level applications using ASP and .NET technologies that helped organisations to keep control of inventories, employees etc.

Attractive Front end gives new experiences to users of the applications and at Intecons we make it working through responsive codes that works well cross browser and cross platform

Our team is highly proficient in integrating any type of third party API’s whether it’s to receive data from API or sending data to API from the application.

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Areas of Expertise

We worked with almost every industry and are open for all types of businesses and of any size right from start up to renowned Enterprises on any type of Application.

  • Lead Generation systems
  • Client & Project Management
  • Asset Management Portals
  • Employee & Resource Management.
Real Estate
Real Estate
  • Real Estate listings
  • Foreclosure Listings
  • Property Management Portals
  • Live Property Auctions
  • GDS based solutions
  • Tour Guides
  • Accommodation Bookings
  • Concierge company solutions
Health & Fitness
Health & Fitness
  • Doctor’s websites
  • Gym Solutions
  • Nutrition marketplaces
  • Fitness Calculators
B2B/B2C Marketplaces
B2B/B2C Marketplaces
  • Freelancing solutions
  • Quoting Platforms
  • Auction Solutions
  • Food Ordering
Online surveys
Online surveys
  • Company survey Portal
  • Multi-rater Survey Portals
  • SAAS survey Solutions
  • Assesment Solutions
  • Live classroom solutions
  • LMS solutions
  • Marketplace solutions
  • Online Assessment Portals
  • Video-on-demand solutions
  • Social networking sites
  • Dating solutions
  • Chat solutions
  • Single vendor Ecommerce
  • Multi-vendor Ecommerce
  • Inventory Management
  • Live Auction solutions.

How do we ensure for a quality deliverable

We follow a simple 6 process approach mentioned below to ensure the launched product is of high standards