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Branding & Design Services

We design beautiful and highly interactive solutions for all personal and business needs.

Interactive & User Focussed Responsive design.

Whether you are a new start up or an established marketplayer; highly interactive & beautiful solutions/marketing materials plays a key role in establishing you as a big BRAND. The quality of graphics and presentation of the information are the things that has a direct impact on the customers. We take special care of these two areas to make things visually appealing.

Logo/ webpages/ marketing materials/ infographics design & development

Creating high quality visualization for users is a very challenging task. At, “Intecons” we take special care on both UI and UX so that the page/graphics speaks at a glance without need of any supported content. At Intecons we believe in creating experiences not only designs. We understand every BRAND has their own business model and UI we make enhance it. We choose colors wisely as for professional business solution it needs decent colors with elegant graphics and for other type of solutions like social networks/fashion blogs it requires loud colors and bold graphics that gives a visual appeal to users.

We are well versed in all latest tools and techniques. We use variety of different tools depending on the type of design needed like graphics, infographs, logos, web pages, marketing materials etc. We use latest versions of Adobe photoshop, Adobe-illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Sketch-App etc.

Steps involved in UI/UX Experience development

Solution ArchitechtureProcess Planning Solution Architechture/
Process Planning
Gathering the system needs Gathering the system needs
Black and white wireframe development Black and white wireframe development
Making components in wireframe to interact to make a working prototype. Making components in wireframe to interact to make a working prototype.
After prototype approval we create actual UI and Graphics using various UI tools After prototype approval we create actual UI and Graphics using various UI tools
Linking UI pages to make it an interactive prototype. Linking UI pages to make it an interactive prototype.
Front end responsive coding. Front end responsive coding.
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Logo Design

Logo is the trademark of any business and will remain the same forever. So, we make proper understanding of business model, core values and brand’s users to prepare the best concept/s for logo. We will share several variations with you until you are completely satisfied.

Brand design

Branding and marketing materials put a great focus on your customers. As a top IT company, our experts are able to understand the goals of your brand and create design that aligns accordingly and tells your brand story whether it’s through brochures, pamphlets, banners, sales pages, opt-in pages etc. We take care of high quality graphics so that your users can get great experience and they began to visualise what we plan to show them.

Web page designs

Initial judgement of the product is being made on its appearance. Thus, good quality product is being associated with quality designs and bad designs leads to poor product. At Intecons, we strongly focus on visual appearance of pages by using fonts, colours, images, icons etc as per the business model and objectives. The business type determines the colour scheme, design style, icons, page components, contents, features etc. Along with that all the pages we design are responsive that is can be fit to any screen to give immense experience to user irrespective of their devices. We also emphasise on user interactions/experiences so that system guide user itself.

Mobile applications design

The world is compacting to mobile and there is massive increase in mobile users. Majority of tasks can be done through mobile phones and mobile applications adds a greater value to it. The mobile screen size is very small so its UI/UX needs are different than a web interface. There is a lot to be summarised in a small screen taking special care about easy navigation, screen appearance, fonts, icons, colour etc. At Intecons, we understand the needs for proper UI/UX for mobile applications and prepare it on high resolutions based on the device type and size. Our experienced team is very much dedicated in designing applications for B2B, B2C, C2C applications and a variety of concepts and industries whether its healthcare, Travel, Real Estate, Social Network, Ecommerce, Marketplaces and so on.

Admin Panel Design

Admin panels have a high focus on dashboards that gives admin instant glance on new activities on front endend system whether it’s new user registration, payments received, weekly/monthly statistics look or anything else. We design highly interactive and focussed panels that lets admin make easy interactions and changes to front end.

Our Technical Stack

The Possibilities are Infinite

We use several tools to create neat, clean and sleek layouts/graphics that speaks in itself without any supporting content.

We develop perfect user experiences before actual front end and back end coding work so that you get to know how the end product will look and interact

We gives best user and device experiences with highest front end coding standards

Looking for something appealing to be designed? LETS BEGIN!

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