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E-Learning modes you should know if you plan to teach Online?

E-learning is a rapid growing trend in Education industry. E-learning is basically defined as providing learning through online means i.e. use of internet and devices like computer, mobiles and tablets.

Are you looking for Web Solution and confused with technology selection?

I am a “Business Architect and Consultant” provides consultation to clients to turn their idea into a real web solution. Often I work with clients to understand their business model and then propose them the right solution looking to their business perspective. The key things I notice while working with them is that they are determined with their idea but when it comes to technology they always need an expert to make better suggestions. Off-course, its needed as they are not from technical backgrounds and they get different opinion from different people.

Facing project failures?? Its time to change your approach...

Time is moving fast with fast deadlines on projects and a lot of pressure from clients and management. Whether you are working with an established organization or a start up. There are few key things that you should always remember if you are leading a TEAM.

Top Reasons Agile SCRUM Methodology replaced other development models.

A few decades back, the software solutions were developed using conventional approaches like Waterfall Models, Prototype models etc. These approaches led to a lot of time consumption in planning phases as all requirements, risks are to be figured out in planning phase and do not have capabilities to deal with the changing environments; because what is planned is to be developed.